Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


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New Features
  • Menu Editors: Enable regular users to have permission to edit menus.
  • Dark Mode: Implement color settings specifically for Confluence's dark mode.
  • UX Enhancements: Enhanced the user experience for menu administration.
  • Print Output Adjustment: Eliminated the appearance of the menu in the print output of browsers.
  • Additional Fixes: Implemented various other minor fixes.
New Feature
Export / import menus: It’s now possible to export your menus or import already exported ones. For example to prepare your menu structure in a test environment or to use export menus as backups.
1000+ menu icons: We have extended our icon library up to 1000 beautiful new icons. Unfortunately, we had to remove the old icon set, but the new set should fill the resulting gaps.
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With the newest version of Navigation Menus for Confluence it is now possible to use space categories to display different menus in different spaces. We hope you enjoy the new feature!
New feature
It is now possible to display a specific navigation menu for anonymous Confluence users.
New features
your menu a little bit more.
  • Chose
    for menus on the first level
  • Change the
    background color
    of your submenus
  • The font style of the 2nd menu headlines are bolder for better distinguishability
  • The configuration saves all settings completely
We deployed some patches for the Navigation Menu!
  • Navigation menu will not be shown on special pages, such as the editor and admin pages.
  • Addressed an unsecured API endpoint.
  • Added input validation.
  • Prevented anonymous access.
  • Fixed styles on line breaks.
  • Addressed an issue with hover colors, when the top menu had a dark color.
Being able to create multiple menus for your Confluence Cloud wiki?
Great thing!
Having multiple images in one menu?
Witnessing how multiple tabs open after you click on a menu item?
No thanks.
That's why it's fixed now. ✔️
Links in Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation won't open twice when clicked on anymore. 
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Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation enables you to create beautiful and lightweight navigation menus and personalize them via user groups now.
Brand new features
  • Create multiple menus
  • Personalization: Decide for each menu which user groups it will be shown to
  • Introducing the menu overview: a rehauled configuration page
  • A new welcome message that will guide you through thenew editor
  • We moved the color configuration to the menu overview
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Enrich your menu with images

Navigation Menus - quick & easy orientation receives a v2! And with this new version, you can look forward to exciting new features!
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Brand new features
  • Rearrange your menu via drag 'n' drop now. (Documentation)
  • Include images in your menu! You can add images to menu items on the 1st and 2nd level. (Documentation)
  • The menu will automatically disable the possibility to add a link to a 1st level menu item if it contains sub-items (to make sure that the submenu opens reliably on click).