On top of the German interface in our mobile apps for Atlassian Checklists we now have added full support of German in our web interface. Not all strings have been translated so far. But we're completing this in the next weeks and months.
To decipher which language to display, we're looking into your browser language settings. This is especially relevant if users are using checklists anonymously, like with QR codes or with, public links, or in the mobile app.
We're pulling the Atlassian language settings for authenticated users in the Atlassian Cloud and using German if applicable.
We always value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts on this update. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with our support team. Especially if you're interested in support for other languages, we'd love your vote.
Thank you for using Jira and Confluence Checklists on Atlassian Cloud!